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  • 11-28-2018
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Lyen Parker is a Hungarian porn actress with sexy smile and teaser eyes. She started to work in the industry in 2012, when she was 20. She's a really busy lady since the beginning of her career. Lyen is a bit taller than the most girls in the porn area, she's 5'7". Her slender figure goes with a pretty pair of natural tits, long thighs and a fuckable butt, absolutely the dream of a hardcore pornfan. Lyen doesn't sort too much between the niches, she has already done classy and anal hardcore videos besides mighty, glamourous and even kinky lesbian ones.

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Date added: 11-28-2018 Rating:
Like 170
Dislike 15
Date added: 06-10-2017 Rating:
Like 145
Dislike 9
Date added: 06-21-2013 Rating:
Like 109
Dislike 10
Date added: 06-12-2013 Rating:
Like 130
Dislike 22
Date added: 06-08-2013 Rating:
Like 200
Dislike 15
Date added: 01-26-2013 Rating:
Like 285
Dislike 20
Date added: 01-19-2013 Rating:
Like 239
Dislike 18
Date added: 01-16-2013 Rating:
Like 34
Dislike 11
Date added: 11-16-2012 Rating:
Like 152
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